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11th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection

11th International Working Conference
on Stored Product Protection         

11th IWCSPP  2014
November 24-28, 2014
The Empress Hotel Chiang Mai, THAILAND 


The International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection (IWCSPP) held every four years, is the premier world forum for presentation of research results and bring together researchers, scientists, consultants, pest management professionals and administrators involved in pest management and quality maintenance of stored raw grains, processed food products, stored spices, stored animal products, artifacts and specimens in museums. The previous meetings of the IWCSPP have been held in various countries. This upcoming 11th IWCSPP will be held in Chiang Mai, an ancient beautiful cultural city in north Thailand.

Many interesting issues were set up in 10 sessions each has moderators ,
editors and keynote speaker which are specialists in their sessions as follow :

Session 1   Emerging global issues in stored product protection
New problems that facing grain storage 
Moderators / Editors: Dr. Jim Throne*, Dr. Greg Daglish* 
Keynote speaker : Dr. David Schlipalius*Australia
Topic : Phosphine resistance

Session 2   Biology, ecology and behaviour 
Insects and mites biology, physiology, ecology, modeling
Moderators / Editors: Dr.Noel White*,Dr. Jim Campbell*
Keynote speaker : Dr.Yaowaluk Chanbang ,Thailand

 Session 3   Monitoring and sampling  
Trapping, sampling, population estimation
Moderators / Editors:Dr. Cornell Adler*, Dr.Otilia Carvalho 
Keynote Speaker: Dr. S. Mohan*Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India
Topic :Trapping devices in developing countries

 Session 4  Engineering for stored-product protection 
Stored product drying, handling, natural-air and chilled-air aeration, quality monitoring and control technologies, software application 
Moderators / Editors:Dr. Watcharapol Chayaprasert,*,Dr.Carol Jones*
Keynote Speaker: Dr.Fuji Jian* University of Manitoba, Canada
Topic :Engineering automatic sampling with electronic probe traps, modelling grain temperature, insect movement

Session 5   Fumigation, hermetic storage and modified atmospheres
MA, SF, MB, PH3, other gases and resistance
Moderators / Editors: Dr.Pat Collins*, Dr.Tom Phillips*
Keynote Speaker: Dr.Larry Murdock*
Purdue University, USA
Topic: Hermetic storage in Africa
Session 6   Grain quality and food safety
Moulds, control of moulds, mycotoxins, contamination and food safety
Moderators / Editors: Dr.Charles Woloshuk*, Dr.Vildes Scussel* 
Keynote Speaker: Dr.Rick Hodges*Natural Resource Institiute, UK
Topic: Grain quality in  Africa, Indonesia
Session 7  Museum pests
Insects and fungi that attack cultural artifacts
Moderators / Editors: Dr. Pasquale Trematerra*,Dr.Rudy Plarre* 
Keynote Speaker: Dr.Tom Strang*Canadian Conservation Institute, Canada 
Topic: Heat and cold to control insects in museums.

Session 8  Residual Insecticides
Contact insecticides, both synthetic and botantical
Moderators / Editors:Dr. Nickolas Kavallieratos*,Dr.Yaowaluk Changbang*
Keynote Speaker: Dr.Raul Guedes*University of Vicosa, Brazil

Session 9  Integrated pest management 
System to control pests in bulk grain, processing facilities, warehouses
Moderators / Editors: Dr. Raul Guedes*,Dr.George Opit*
Keynote Speaker: Dr.Christos Athanassiou*  University of Thessaly, Greece 
Topic: Mating Disruption

Session 10   Quarantine and regulatory 
Quarantine pests,control programs, MB alternatives in quarantine, wood packaging and registration of new pesticides
Moderators / Editors: Dr. Duangsamorn Suthisut*,Dr. Paul Fields*
Keynote Speaker: Dr.Spencer Walse*United States Department of Agriculture, USA 

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