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8 Seeds Good For Pregnant Women

When pregnant, you should choose these seeds for your nutrition menu.

1.     Walnut
This kind of seed can provide pregnant women with vitamin E, Omega-3, organic acids and phosphorus. Especially, the organic acids in walnut can help stimulate the development of the fetal brain. If pregnant women are keen on eating for a long period of time, babies will be intelligent.
Besides, researchers also believe that the phosphorus fat in the walnut nucleus will be very good for nervous cells, and especially, stimulate the blood regeneration and wood healing. For that reason, there’s no surprise when walnut is always in the list of foods that are recommended for pregnant women to use in order to stimulate fetal developments.

2.     Beans
Beans are healthy sources for mother and child because they contain nutrition components found in animal’s product. Beans are also rich in zinc which is a necessary mineral for reducing the risk of premature birth, low birth weight and labor prolonging. Additionally, pregnant women can be provided with zinc by eating foods that has lots of zinc, such as chicken meat, milk, cereals, cashew nuts, peas, crabs and oysters.

3.     Peanut
Peanut is a kind of seeds that are good for women during pregnancy. In peanut, there’re more than 10 amino acids that is necessary to human body, help stimulate brain cell reproductions, enhance memory and increase the thinking development.
When eating peanut, you shouldn’t remove the pink cover because it is good for blood and better pregnant women health. However, you should boil or eat peanut with porridge in and avoid eating fried peanut.

4.     Almond
Almond is a nutritious source for pregnant women and help babies to be more intelligent with its omega-3.
Besides, folate and folic acid in almond are very essential to pregnant women. It’s also the indispensable nutrition source of fetuses. The folic acid in walnut can prevent fetuses from birth defects.
Moreover, walnut is rich in magnesium that helps reduce the risk of premature birth and stimulate the nervous system development. Pregnant women eat lots of almond can provide fetuses with good condition to develop and prevent inconveniences in pregnancy.

5.     Chestnut
Chestnut contains lots of protein, fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins that are able to regulate the blood flow, stimulate kidneys and provide nutrients to muscles. Pregnant women eating chestnut regularly will be healthy, have better bones and can reduce fatigue during pregnancy.

6.     Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds have a better level of protein than any other seeds while having quite low level of calories. Furthermore, sunflower seeds contain vitamin E and acids that have the abilities to improve resistance, help pregnant women to have safe pregnancies and prevent miscarriages. Besides, in sunflower seeds, there’re iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium that all help pregnant women to avoid anemia.

Nevertheless, pregnant women should take notice of the sunflower seed’s qualities and completely avoid eating the seeds that are musty, fusty, or are spiced too much

7.     Watermelon and pumpkin seeds
Watermelon and pumpkin seeds that are popular in our daily life have certain effects on intelligence developments of fetuses. The seeds are not only delicious, but also able to provide minerals like iron, potassium, vitamins, fat, and calories… Those are very necessary to the body. In addition, eating watermelon and pumpkin seeds can help reduce the risk of depression and be relaxed, conscious and perspicacious.

8.     Lotus seeds
Lotus seeds are rich in calcium, protein and phosphorus that are good for moods, kidneys, spleen, mental system and mind. Because of those benefits, pregnant women shouldn’t skip lotus seeds in order to stimulate the developments of the nervous system and brain of the fetuses.

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