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  • TL TRADEWINDS Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of dried lotus seeds snack, crispy grain, roasted nuts, and other snacks under brand "MAI".
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Who we are and what we do

TL TRADEWINDS LTD., is Thailand's leading manufacturer of lotus seeds snacks. The factory is located in Surin City, Surin Province/ Thailand..

The company expanded its business strategically in a phased manner to processes the variety of Thailand raw materials and is expected to accelerate the production further in the future. We have planned and executed our expansion according to the growing requirement of the Global Market.

We manufacture healthy lotus seeds snack and all-natural fruit snacks in various shapes, sizes, flavours and packaging formats. Our lotus seeds & fruit snacks contain only 100% real fruit with no added sugars or corn syrup and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We produce a guilt-free snack with no trans-fat or cholesterol.

We constantly innovate and improve the quality of input materials through the investment of laboratory and nursery farm. Furthermore, we have applied heating, sublimation, and high-tech drying technology in the production process, and it is monitored by quality control systems such as HACCP and GMP..

- Dried Crispy Lotus Seeds
- Dried Crispy Rice
- Dried Crispy Grains & Popcorn
- Raw & Roasted Cashew Nuts
and other OEM products per customer request.

Our business purpose are providing high quality products and our best service to every our clients all over the world. We are warmly welcome you to contact us for co-operation.

We are the No.1 and Best-Selling Lotus Seeds Snack Manufacturer in Thailand

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