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Durian growers asked not to cut fruit early for export

TRAT — Director-General of the Department of Agricultural Extension, Mr. Olan Pitak has urged local farmers in Trat province not to export premature Durians or risk adverse effects on market prices of the fruit.

Mr. Olan visited local Durian fields in Trat province in order to receive updates from growers and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives officials on the situation of the Durian exports.

Although the fruit had earned fairly good prices over the past 5 years, Mr. Olan urged growers to refrain from exporting premature Durians as the action could negatively affect the overall market price.

The Director-General also went on to say that farmers should be well advised that exporting premature Durian into the international market will tarnish the image of Thai Durians as a whole — raising a chance for Thailand’s competitors, like Malaysia and Vietnam, to take over more market shares.

Source: Thai News

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