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Roasted Cashew Nut

Roasted Cashew Nut

The Queen of the nuts has the honor.
The great aroma and palate are unique. Under the hard shell hides the mild nutty core of cashew,which matures outside of the actual fruit to a flavouring highlight. In order to enhance the wonderfully sweet aroma, we have to our ROASTED CASHEW simply added a hint of salt. Carefully roasted, these noble seeds have lost either on taste nor in valuable nutrients and are ready to be nibbled heartily by you.
Fine nuttiness meets gourmet palate

To get to the very fine and mild core of the cashew fruit, a lot of effort is needed. Cracking the hard shell, exposes a buttery-creamy taste sensation. This precious nutmeat we roasted then in a smooth process and flavoured with fine sea salt. Our ROASTED CASHEW is a wonderful and noble nuts snack. Your spoiled Fine palate will definitely get his pleasure and your new favourite snacks are just discovered!
A nut for all the culinary aspects of daily life

Cashews are unique nut kernels, which you might find instantly in your heart if you haven't already done so. With hardly any other nut, it's so much fun ever new types and variations to develop. It is in fact just a simple snack. This nuts must be worshiped for their great taste accordingly. Especially fun makes using the cashews in the modern kitchen. Try it just on time for your green or red pesto, instead pine nuts, use cashews. It's amazing how you can adapt these nuts to so many specialties with vegetables and chicken. Here is a really great idea, crushed cashews dispersed over a fresh apple pie. So, let your imagination go wild and grant our ROASTED CASHEW the attention they deserve!

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