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TL Chairperson awarded Businessperson of the year 2016

BANGKOK October 19th 2016, Ms.Nitcha Tengprawat Le Chairperson of TL Tradewinds has won this year's 'Businessperson of the Year - Agriculture category business ' Award from Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand  / Ministry of  Science and Technology.

Ms.Nitcha, said: “It was a great surprise to be chosen as the Businessperson of the Year. There were some really strong contenders in this category and it’s a great honour . I hope that the work I do, not only in my business life, but also in the local community and in encouraging young people to learn more about agriculture business, will help to inspire and create new entrepreneurs of the future.”

Ms.Nitcha was commended for the way she spotted an opportunity when she started the business and has revolutionised the marquee industry, making it more affordable to develop the agriculture products. She also proved how she has grown his business even in more challenging economic times.

Ms.Nitcha Tengprawat Le receives the award from Thailand's His Excellency General Pichitr Kullavanijaya (Privy Councillor)

คุณณิชชา เต็งประวัติ เล รับโล่ห์รางวัล “บุคคลตัวอย่างภาคธุรกิจแห่งปี 2016 ภาคธุรกิจการเกษตร ”

จาก ฯพณฯ พลเอกพิจิตร กุลละวณิชย์ องคมนตรี

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